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P2P lending platform based on the principles of fair finance
We make investing accessible and help you grow your capital ethically
Become an IMAN investor today:
from 1 000 000 UZS
IMAN = alternative finance
IMAN is a marketplace for online and offline stores where customers can purchase goods by paying on the spot or by installments funded by IMAN investors following the laws of Fair Finance.

We connect buyers who want to purchase goods by installments with investors who want to grow their capital by financing installments.
Fundamental differences
IMAN, unlike a traditional bank, receives income from the purchase and sale of an asset and is not entitled to profits in excess of previously designated, even in the event of delayed payments.

Guided by the principles of Fair Finance, IMAN is involved in all the risks associated with carrying out its activities together with investors, while a traditional bank, being only a financial intermediary, lends to its clients with a guarantee of income.

IMAN is not just a platform, IMAN is a a mutually benefitable way of cooperation.
Simple and accessible
We are, first and foremost, your fair finance and financial literacy advisors.

Fill out a form and a manager will call you to advise you on personal finances and investing through IMAN.
Profitable, yet fair
Our business model demonstrates a ~ 95% repayment rate for investors, which allows you to generate 25-30% annual return on the investments. This is more profitable than keeping money "under the mattress", depositing into a bank, or even investing in real estate.
Impactful and transparent
Earn money by benefiting people and improving their quality of life.

With IMAN, you become an investor, not a passive depositor. All investment flows will be available and transparent to you - you will be able to track all movements through quarterly reports.
How to invest through IMAN
Step №1
Step №1
Submit an application and wait for a decision
Apply through – we'll review your application and your financial consultant will reach you
Step №2
Step №2
Signing a contract and depositing the funds
In return for the contributed funds, you will receive a share in a separate legal entity proportional to your investment
Step №3
Step №3
IMAN team work
At this stage, the ball is in the hands of the IMAN team which will focus on preserving and growing your capital
Step №4
Step №4
Profit accumulation and payout
Profit is accrued monthly and you can track progress through the reports we provide.

Payments will be made at the end of your contract, which you have the right to extend
Become an IMAN investor today:
from 1 000 000 UZS
16 million UZS
Our average investor
Average portfolio
Average portfolio return
12 months
Average investment term
Become an IMAN investor today:
from 1 000 000 UZS
IMAN Family
These are the innovators who believe in the idea of spreading fair finance around the world!
Legal and Risk Management
Sharia experts
Mark Zubov, CFA
Co-Founder & Fundraising advisor
Mark is a strategic center of IMAN.
Experience in management consulting, investment banking, and private equity in the US, UAE, Luxembourg and Uzbekistan. During his career, Mark focused on structuring PE / VC deals and evaluating startups in such sectors as retail, consumer finance, fintech, marketplace and many others both in developed markets (USA, Switzerland, England) and in emerging markets (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan).

At IMAN, Mark is involved in financial engineering for new products, transaction structuring, and fundraising.

Vision: IMAN expansion to MENA, Europe and Asia
Education: University of St Francis, IL, CFA charterholder
Igor Levshin
Co-Founder & COO
Igor is the architect of IMAN.
20+ years of experience in IT and information security in Russia, Europe and South America. Today, Igor is an adviser to the chairman of the board of shareholders in various MNCs across banking, transportation, FMCG and industrial sectors.

At IMAN, Igor is involved in introducing new technologies, testing and creating improved versions of IMAN products: IMAN 2.0 P2P financing, IMAN 3.0, etc.

Vision: Development of IMAN into the largest Islamic retail bank in the world
Education: Bauman University, Moscow, Higher School of Economics
Timur Khodjaev
Co-Founder & CEO
Timur is the tactical center of IMAN.
Experience in consulting and project management in investment funds.

At IMAN, Timur is responsible for the operational efficiency and business adherence to the strategy and core principles.

Vision: Development of IMAN into the no. 1 consumer lending player in Uzbekistan
Education: Immanuel Kant University
Kirill Sevastyanenko
Kirill is an innovation center of IMAN.
10+ years of experience working at and building fintech and blockchain startups in Silicon Valley (Avant, Springlabs, etc.).

At IMAN, Kirill is responsible for introducing the latest technologies into existing IMAN products (AI / ML / Social Scoring / Blockchain / Smart Contracts / Cryptoassets).

Education: Stanford University (Data Mining) Carnegie Mellon University (Soft Engineering), University. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Discrete mathematics)
Amirbek Khodzhaniyazov
Head of Product Development / VP of Engineering
Amirbek is an IMAN development center.
13+ years of experience in managing the development and growth of high-tech products.

At IMAN, he is the lead developer of mobile applications and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the product.

Vision: Turning IMAN into one of the most user friendly online stores in 2020.
Education: University of Information Technology and Communications
Khondamir Nusratkhuzhayev
Fair Finance Advisor / Fair Finance Advisor
Khondamir is a pioneer of Islamic finance in Uzbekistan and an evangelist of IMAN development. 15+ years of experience in consulting, auditing (PwC, EY, Deloitte) and Islamic banking (Islamic Development Bank) in the field of Islamic financial contracts. Hondamir is also a member of the AAOIFI Financial Accounting Council.

At IMAN, Hondamir is engaged in refining the business model within the framework of the core principles of Fikh and "Fair" finance.

Education: Tashkent State Economic University (Narkhoz)
Mohammad Raafi Hossain
Strategy Advisor
Muhammad is an evangelist of the development of IMAN in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Muhammad is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in Islamic finance and developing fintech startups. Advisor to the office of Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE.

At IMAN, Mohammed helps develop new products and adapt them to new markets.

Education: Harvard University, University of California Berkeley
Izzat Shukurov
Marketing Strategy Advisor
Izzat is a marketing center of IMAN.
7+ years of experience in marketing, project management and bringing IT startups to the Uzbek market.

At IMAN, Izzat is responsible for the perception of the product by the target audience (UX / UI), brand loyalty and market positioning.

Education: Newcastle University
Timur Salikhbaev
Legal Advisor
Timur is the legal center of IMAN.
Timur is the managing director of Tethys, a leading consulting law firm in Uzbekistan with 15 years of experience across financial, trading, energy and FMCG industries.

At IMAN, Timur helps structure innovative products and adapt them to local laws and markets.

Education: Waseda University (Japan), Tashkent State Law University
Doctor Ziyaad Mohammad
Head of the Sharia Board
Dr. Ziyad is an Islamic center of IMAN. 20+ years of experience in commercial banks (HSBC Amanah) and consulting firms.

At IMAN, Dr. Ziyad is responsible for issuing fatwa to verify legitimacy of financial processes in accordance with the Shariah standards and conducting an annual Shariah audit.

Vision: Making IMAN one of the levers for Islamic Finance development
Education: PhD in Islamic Finance, INCIEF, Anglia Ruskin University
What if…
... the invested funds are misappropriated?
All investors receive a director's report that tracks the use of funds.
... the buyer will not honor his payment obligations?
We are working to eliminate non-payment risks by continuously improving customers' creditworthiness assessment (scoring), conducting target audience research and doing test sales.

Currently, the average default rate in Uzbekistan is 5%. Our goal is to get to 3% by leveraging our proprietary scoring model built on vast volumes of data about the borrower.
… your portfolio performs worse than expected?
We diversify your portfolio to minimize your risks. We were able to keep the default rates below 5% throughout our pilot tests.
… you are a pyramid scheme.
That's not the case. A pyramid scheme is formed when the investor's profit is not fixed. IMAN is a financing platform based on Sharia principles and accredited by leading scholars and jurists in Islamic finance. We received Fatwa in the month of February 2020.
…I need a 100% guarantee.
We could easily insure 100% of the risks of our investors, but this goes against our principles and Sharia principles. In order to claim profits, the investor must bear the risks. The balance between profit and risk is explicitly stated in the Sharia. If you are only willing to invest with a 100% guarantee, unfortunately we cannot be partners.
They trust us
Still have questions? We have the answers:
How do you withdraw funds?
You can withdraw your funds you're your IMAN account directly to your debit card or bank account
How much does it cost to withdraw funds?
Withdrawing money is completely free, IMAN does not charge any fees.
Is it possible to withdraw a portion of the funds?
Yes, you can withdraw any amount of money to a debit card or bank account, without any fees.
Who could be an investor?
Any citizen over 18 years old or a company registered in the Republic of Uzbekistan
How can I add funds to my account?
You can deposits the funds through various payment systems (Click, Payme) after a consultation with our representative
How to become an investor?
To become an investor, you need to fill out a form through our website, attend a presentation of the product and sign an agreement.
How long does it take to withdraw money?
You can transfer money to a debit card immediately after the expiration of the contract. The time it takes for the money to reach the card / account depends on your bank
How much does IMAN charge for its services?
IMAN earns 30% of the investor's profit at the end of the installment plan, based on the profitability and portfolio loan terms (taking into account defaults and NPLs).
Fill out the form to learn more about the investment terms
Investment term:
Minimum amount:
12 months
1 000 000 UZS
Invested to date:
1 000 000 USD
Target: 10 mln. USD
Data for: 20.02.2020
Volume of investments
Conditions for P2P investors:
Become an IMAN investor today:
from 1 000 000 UZS